Trepup business ratings follow a 5-star rating system, where the higher the score, the more reliable the business.

We rate from 0 to 5 and move up one decimal place per unit (e.g., 4.1/5.0). Our scores evaluate data adequacy, content accuracy, content activity, user popularity and user ranking. Trepup’s business-rating summary helps to identify an active and a verified business within any of the listed 1400+ product categories.

Let’s look at the five sections that we evaluate in our business-rating system along with what they contain.
Data adequacy


Under data adequacy, we include topics that appear on the business page. After you verify your business email on Trepup, you get access to the edit view of the business page, where you can fill in the required information. The list of topics under data adequacy include logo, cover, location, basics, info, links and contacts.
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data adequacy
Content accuracy


This section maps the create-post function on Trepup. Shareable content that is posted by you on your business page gets viewed by users and by the global business community on the Trepboard. The content must therefore be within our standard of accuracy, which we explain in more detail in the guidelines section of this document.
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Content activity


Content activity refers to frequency of posting and to post-type diversity. The more you post, the more you increase your chances of being seen, while diversity in the types of post you share increases user engagement. We reward you for these two content-related activities because it shows your intent to reach out to users and actively pursue business activities.
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content activity
User popularity


The number of followers that a business has indicates how useful or interesting the business’s content is for users. By applying user popularity as a standard, we enable users to find businesses that have earned the trust and attention of the Trepup community.
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user popularity
User ranking


Users can rank your business. If they find that the page gives them adequate information about your business, has nicely curated posts and enough photos for them to get a visual feel of your activities, they might give you the ranking you will want to say thanks for. Also, a user that ranks your page is likely to follow you, so we recommend that you adopt the guidelines suggested for data adequacy, content accuracy and content activity to make your page as noticeable as possible.
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user ranking
Our calculation method for Trepup’s business-rating system


Trepup’s business-rating system assigns points for each topic within a section. A breakup of points per topic is given in the guidelines that we recommend for each topic. A business that follows the guidelines specified by Trepup can earn the maximum number of 800 points that our algorithm converts from a percentage scale into stars on our 5-star business-rating system.

E.g., If a business earns 682 points out of 800
Percentage calculation
682/800 X 100 = 85.25%
Business rating
85.25/100 X 5 = 4.3/5.0 stars
A note to all our users


Your business rating is seen both on your business page and in search results; that is why it is important that you pay close attention to our guidelines.

We have kept the entire business-rating system clear and have communicated exactly what you need to do to help create a great business page, which after all is a substitute to a website.

Follow our recommendations and see how it changes the way users respond to your business.

Join us and get started.
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